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Fluent in Fantasy:  The Next Generation
& Strictly Science Fiction

Fluent in Fantasy:  The Next Generation by Diana Tixier Herald and Bonnie Kunzel

It's no secret that the fantasy genre has undergone a tremendous renaissance since the publication of the Harry Potter books and the recent successes of the film versions of The Lord of the Rings. Fantasy is one of the hottest genres going today, appealing to readers both young and old. This new guide focuses on titles that have come out of the recent publishing explosion in the fantasy arena. The authors organize and describe approximately 1,000 titles, most new to or newly described in this edition. A revised organization reflects the growth and trends in the genre, and all titles (except individual titles within series) are annotated.

Price: $52.00
ISBN13: 9781591581987
ISBN10: 1591581982
Libraries Unlimited
Hardcover DOI: 10.1336/1591581982
Publication Date: 12/30/2007

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Strictly Science Fiction by Diana Tixier Herald and Bonnie Kunzel

This versatile title will make it easy to explore the science fiction genre and find exactly what you are looking for. There is something for everyone-from true classics, space opera, aliens, and robots, to cutting-edge, high-tech material. Titles are grouped thematically and accompanied by descriptive and thorough annotations. An invaluable guide-for your collection and as a readers' advisory tool. This is a must for both library professionals and SF fans of all ages.

Hardback, 298 pages, $55.00
Copyright ©2002, Libraries Unlimited
ISBN: 1-563-08893-2

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