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Tamora Pierce Study & First Contact

"This excellent, well-organized title is highly useful for collection development and readers' advisory in both public and school libraries."  School Library Journal
Tamora Pierce by Bonnie Kunzel and Susan Fichtelberg

Tamora Pierce has a large following of teen and adult readers, who savor her fantasy novels with strong female characters. This volume provides her readers and fans with additional insights into her life and work. The first section provides a biographical chapter and literary heritage. The second and third sections analyze the Tales of Tortall and the Magic Circle Sagas as a whole, providing details into the characters and settings of each. The final section of the book, Perspectives, includes both a section on literary techniques along with an interview of Tamora Pierce herself. Appendices include a section on Power Female Heroes and Fantasy Adventures.

296 pages, photo
Greenwood Press

First Contact
by Bonnie Kunzel and Suzanne Manczuk

First Contact is just that, a place for teen or adult readers, to make a first foray into the world of science fiction and fantasy. There are classics in each category, as well as current titles popular with both younger and older teens. The designations M J S stand for either middle school, grades 6-8, junior high school, grades 7-8, or senior high school, grades 10-12.

Rather than a comprehensive selection tool, this volume is a beginning reader's advisory book, a key to unlock the delicious array of imaginative writings that one finds in these challenging genres.

ISBN:  081014028
ISBN-13: 9780810840287
Pub. Date:  2001
Price:  33.95

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