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The Teen-Centered Book Club & The Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature

The Teen-Centered Book Club
by Bonnie Kunzel and Constance Hardesty

What's the difference between a teen book club and an adult one? Too often, the answer is "Not much". Like so many programs for teens, traditional book clubs tend to be scaled-down versions of adult clubs. If book selection, taboo topics, and logistical details are the most important things that set your teen book club apart from an adult one, you could be missing a huge opportunity. Vibrant, dynamic teen book clubs--the kind teens eagerly anticipate and attend session after session--are teen-centered. They're not merely "by, for and about teens," but are grounded in the admittedly radical idea that the club is not primarily about library programming or even about books (!) but is all about teens--their interests and needs, their social habits and styles, their initiative. Books are the medium and the club is the method to achieve the ultimate goal of developing teen readers and leaders. Furthermore, the teen-centered book club has huge potential to further a whole range of library goals, from bringing more teen patrons through the door, to building community-wide awareness and support for the library itself. What sets this book apart from the typical book club guide is that it is the only guide that addresses the unique constraints of public and school libraries--budgeting, impact on the facility and the collection, and potential attempts at censorship, to name just a few. It's also the only guide that takes a teen-centered approach, putting front-and-center the idea that, as with so many other things, book clubs for teens are not merely scaled-back versions of adult clubs. Whether you are starting a club, attempting to revive a flagging program, or building on past success, this manual offers you innovative, pragmatic ideas that will attract and retain teen readers. Grades 6-12.

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Paperback | 240 pages
Publication Date: 03/30/2006

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The Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature edited by Bernice E. Cullinan, Bonnie Kunzel, and Deborah A. Wooten

  • Hardcover: 885 pages
  • Publisher: Continuum International Publishing Group (November 18, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0826417108
  • ISBN-13: 978-0826417107
  • Price:  $195
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  • "Any librarian contemplating offering a book club for teens will find this title to be a superior guide. "  Library Journal

    "The Teen-Centered Book Club is a must-have for any librarian considering offering a book club for teens."-Reference & User Services Quarterly

    "The high caliber experience and knowledge from the long and illustrious YA services and writing careers of both Kunzel and Hardesty is reflected in this important contribution to the body of professional resources for those working with teens, books, and reading in schools, libraries, and other settings."-VOYA 
    (Selected for VOYA's "Extending the Five-Foot Bookshelf," as a book that is deemed essential for professionals that serve teens.  Click here to see the article online.

    "An excellent reference, this book will be invaluable to school and public librarians looking for a new way to connect with teens."-School Library Journal



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